What is Web-based Telehealth Software?
This hosted webinar is designed for health, wellness, and fitness providers who are interested in learning more about telehealth software, how it works, and how providers and their patients can benefit from its use. We'll review key concepts and demonstrate web-based telehealth applications being used today. This introductory webinar is scheduled for just 30 minutes.
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Getting Started with Tx Xchange
This hosted webinar is designed for new Tx Xchange customers who want initial training on key functionality and the associated benefits. We’ll demonstrate how use the most common features and review areas for new customers to focus on to ensure successful adoption of the software within their business. This webinar is scheduled for 1 hour.
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Tx Xchange Best Practices
This hosted webinar is designed for existing customers who have already participated in the “Getting Started with Tx Xchange” webinar, have been using the software with their patients/clients, and have good familiarity with the features. We’ll review in more depth how best to use Tx Xchange to achieve specific benefits (e.g. increase visits or improve participation), discuss areas for business process improvement, and spend time answering questions. This webinar is scheduled for 45 minutes.
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