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There is now a low cost, highly effective healthcare service to treat the VERY expensive problem of low back pain – called TeleSpine

The TeleSpine program is a web-based telehealth service putting a major dent in healthcare costs for employees with LBP. It is a 60 day online program, evidence-based and patient centric, and staffed by certified providers who are experts in LBP and telehealth. The TeleSpine healthcare service was developed to remove barriers to high quality care and achieve equal or better outcomes compared to traditional, office-based LBP care at a significantly reduced cost and risk.

Low Back Pain in the Workplace

  • 33 million adults have LBP at any given time and it is the most frequent cause of workers' compensation claims and the most expensive of conditions
  • The average office worker medical costs per LBP episode is $ 4,020
  • Workers Compensation costs per LBP episode is roughly $13,607
  • LBP has an 84% recurrence rate with significant increasing costs each new episode
  • LBP is the most common reason for employees missing work 2nd to the common cold

How the TeleSpine Solution Works

TeleSpine delivers customized care and communication plans via a secure employee portal and it’s staffed by certified coaches who are experts in LBP and telehealth. Employees are provided with personalized video-based exercise and education protocols, secure email communication, reminders and encouragement, goal tracking, participation monitoring, and standardized outcome measures to track clinical progress. Over the course of the 60-day program, the program automatically updates the LBP video tutorials right to the employee’s online portal and engages the employee with various communications to drive participation, accountability, and progress.

Research clearly shows that people with low back pain get better faster, have less pain, and experience significantly fewer recurrences of LBP when they consistently participate in specific exercises and activities that promote a healthy spine. The TeleSpine program delivers to patients the tools, resources and information, access to professional guidance, and incentives needed to effectively co-manage their condition online.

Key Software Features:

  • Proven, scalable, HIPPA-compliant telehealth software platform with electronic health record (EHR) capabilities
  • Personalized, easy to use patient portal
  • Video and messaging-based communication
  • Employee compliance tools, including notifications and reminders
  • LBP specific 65+ video-based protocols and employee tutorials
  • Lab, tests, and diagnostic imaging uploads
  • Standardized LBP outcome measures and assessments
  • Progress tracking and case management capabilities
  • Multi provider type collaboration
  • Private labeling for providers and employers

The TeleSpine healthcare service is truly leading edge in healthcare, incorporating an innovative combination of medical research, web-based telehealth software, and a telehealth care experience to significantly improve the cost-effectiveness of LBP care.

5 reasons the TeleSpine Program Works

  • Patients are more engaged in their spine care and health
  • Patients participate more in healthy spine activities that get them better
  • Patients have greater knowledge and empowerment about their condition
  • Patients change their pain-adaptive behaviors and experience success
  • Our TeleSpine program is simple, easy to use, and effective

Employer Benefits

  • Significantly reduce employee healthcare costs for LBP - By integrating TeleSpine into the employee benefits package, employers will lower the incidence and severity of LBP, require fewer medical/rehab office visits and eliminate costly downstream LBP procedures.
  • Get employees back to work and prevent future LBP Costs – Our program enables quicker RTW times for injured workers and a healthier safer workforce while improving employee productivity and satisfaction in their benefits package.

Employee Benefits

  • Achieve better outcomes– Through a highly personalized patient portal, TeleSpine gives patients the ability to more conveniently participate in their care and improve their adherence to the treatment plan prescribed by their provider. Higher plan adherence helps patients achieve more successful outcomes and avoid more costly care in the future.
  • Save money and time – TeleSpine empowers patients, helps them better self-manage and get better faster. They save money on co-pays, deductibles, gas, and time away from work or family. Additionally, when an HCP offers TeleSpine’s E-Health Service, patients can pay for personalized online care programs and receive significantly more value than is often associated with an office visit. TeleSpine has customer data that proves its software saves patients money and time.
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