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Founded in 2006, Tx Xchange was started to give healthcare, wellness, and fitness professionals the ability to deliver more engaging, participatory, and effective care to their patients or clients online. As a supplement to clinic-based care, case studies have proven Tx Xchange is very effective at increasing participation and enabling more cost-effective outcomes. During this transformational time in healthcare, Tx Xchange is focused on helping its customers meet the demands of a challenging marketplace, improve the quality of care they deliver, and increase revenue by "repackaging" and charging for their services online. The software is used by health, wellness, and fitness providers in United States, Europe, and Asia.

Tx Xchange's founders, Dr. Mark Barnes and Jonathan Epstein, are building a company culture committed to innovative patient-centric healthcare models that increase patient participation, enable more cost-effective outcomes, and help providers diversify revenue streams.

Dr. Mark Barnes - Co-Founder / CEO

Dr. Mark Barnes is responsible for strategy, research, and partnerships. Mark's interests include the clinical application of web-based telehealth platforms and their impact on patient outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and participatory health and wellness.

Mark also owns and directs SOMA Physical Therapy in Boulder, Colorado, an out-patient orthopedic clinic specializing in spine care. He has owned and operated multiple out-patient orthopedic physical therapy clinics in Boulder for 18 years. Mark has developed and published numerous evidence-based therapeutic guidelines and therapeutic content for physical, occupational, and massage therapists.

Mark has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University, holds a three year Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University/Winchester Medical Center, and graduated from University of Colorado with his Bachelors and post-graduate research in Exercise Physiology.

Jonathan Epstein - Co-Founder / COO

Jonathan Epstein is responsible for strategic initiatives and all day to day operations of Tx Xchange, including sales, marketing, product development, customer support, and corporate administration.

Prior to starting Tx Xchange in 2006, Jonathan spent 14 years in the enterprise software and healthcare markets. He has held a variety of roles in sales, management, product management, and account management. At West Corporation, Jonathan secured and managed multi-million dollar contracts with ATT, Qwest, and the cities of Chicago and New Orleans. In 2000, and as one of the first employees at Mobile Airwaves, Jonathan was responsible for launching one of the 1st mobile application development platforms. He has worked in sales management for Teletrac, a supplier of GPS and fleet management solutions, and started his professional career selling health insurance for ACSIA Long Term Care and then CIGNA Health Insurance.

Prior to putting on a suit, Jonathan played tennis professionally and worked for Hilton Hotels as a Tennis Director. He has an A.S. in Business Management from the State University of New York, Empire State College.

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