“I am really glad I chose your clinic. My shoulder and back are much improved. The telehealth software I used while in care was great. I really appreciated being able to send a message and get an answer from one of your therapists – it’s a vast improvement over other PT groups I have used. The personalized online exercise programs worked well for me. Having videos of the exercises and stretches made it easy to remember how to do them properly. Also, sending me email exercise reminders was thoughtful and necessary. Thanks again for your thoroughly professional service!”
-- Paul F.

“I was a patient at your clinic for about 1 year treating a shoulder issue both pre/post surgery, as well as other sports related injuries. During the course of my treatment, I actively used the telehealth software, Tx Xchange. It gave me with quick/easy access to pictures and/video clips of the exercises I was prescribed and enabled more interaction with my therapist during treatment. I could easily ask questions and receive responses and he was able to adjust my treatment plan online between appointments which was very convenient for me.”
-- Aimee L.

“Tx Xchange has been extremely helpful with my treatment plan and in my ability to stay on top of my responsibility as a patient. It's been great to have a tool that enables me to seek out optimal recovery/maintenance through your easy to use software. With Tx Xchange I can remember each prescribed exercise, use the video to better replicate the movement - all while communicating my progress with my PT.”
-- Megan F.

“...I also find it very easy to communicate with my therapist from within Tx Xchange. Rather than having to leave a phone message, and then probably missing a return call, I simply send a message and he answers me really quickly. And I do adhere better to my exercise program, because you never know when he’s going to message me about my activity!”
-- Wendy L.

“Someone recently asked me about how I had made so much progress healing a chronic shoulder condition (adhesive capsulitis). I told them I had a great therapist who used great software to help me. I am notoriously bad at remembering how to do exercises correctly. Tx Xchange made it easy for me to watch videos of a physical therapist actually doing the recommended exercises correctly. The software also gave me direct access to the therapists I was working with so I could ask questions if I needed to. I felt more connected with my treatment.”
-- Trish P.

“Utilizing Tx Xchange has been of great value to me as a patient. It has allowed me to communicate with my therapist if questions/concerns arise and assists in keeping the continuum of care flowing. Tx Xchange also provides great videos of the exercises needed to increase strength and assist healing. They are a great reference for correct posture and positioning. Tx Xchange has been a positive aid in the process of my care.”
-- Maggie M.


"We recently used Tx Xchange to mass message our client community and simply remind them we're here to help, the services we offer, etc. We used your secure messaging vs. constant contact because our clients see TX messaging as more of a dialogue and not a marketing message. 6 patients responded, updated us on their health status, and asked to schedule new appointments. That's over $3,000 in new revenue we could see and it took us all of 5 minutes..."
-- Brittney Holder, Client Manager

“…Tx Xchange seeks to solve many of the inherent problems of home program management…most importantly, this system is fully an interactive experience between therapist and patient…It also provides for ongoing contact which…will not only improve compliance but also improve patient retention both over the short term and the long term.”
-- Mark Schwall, PT - Future Physical Therapy

“As a clinician for 20+ years, I have struggled with patient compliance and home programs. It has been wonderful to implement Tx Xchange telehealth sofware in the care of my patients as it has improved communication with them, patient home compliance, and the overall rehab experience of the patient. No more drawing of stick figures or Xeroxing old exercises for me and no more “the dog ate my homework” for the patient.

With the videos, they have a better understanding and therefore improved compliance with their home program. By being able to track their goals and progress, my patients feel more empowered. Since we’re only with our patients for a brief period of time during the week, the “reminder” feature plays a key role in their progress and cues for daily activities.

Overall feedback has been incredible – kudos for the ease of access, patient education library, and the communication ability between clinician and patient. Tx Xchange, a program long overdue!”

-- Michelle Bliss, PT – Soma Physical Therapy

“By marketing our use of Tx Xchange, we’ve seen over a 270% increase in referrals in the last 5 months and have received referrals from 3 brand new sources....”
-- Karen Doolittle, Exercise Physiologist – Soma Physical Therapy

“...because of Tx Xchange, a local coach is sending us new patients...”
-- Jane O'Brien, PT - North Tahoe PT

Referral Sources

“I have always been impressed with Tx Xchange’s telehealth software and often it is the tipping point for referring patients to clinics that use it. Patients have such great follow-up and contact with their therapists and in many cases, the referring provider. On average, a full week can go by without a patient having contact with a therapist, they could be doing the wrong home program, improper exercises, etc. all of which leads to slower recovery process. With Tx Xchange, this lack of communication and interaction is not an issue and patient recovery can be accelerated.”
-- Jim Dougerty, PA – Mapleton Hill Orthopaedics

“I think that Tx Xchange has set the new gold standard in terms of orthopedic rehab. I make referrals specifically because of the use of this software. It supports improved communication with our patients and has allowed for better outcomes. I would encourage all providers to institute telehealth software into their offices.”
-- John Jachimiak DPM FACFAS

“Tx Xchange helps my patients get better faster, allowing them to focus on their busy lives...I refer my patients, friends and family to your clinic without hesitation.”
-- Ben Keidan, MD

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