Tx Xchange and Moore Physical Therapy Launch "MooreActive"

Tx Xchange’s innovative E-Health Service will be used by Moore Physical Therapy to create MooreActive, an online subscription-based rehabilitation service for Moore’s patients. With MooreActive, Moore’s patients will be receive more convenient, empowering, and valuable rehabilitation services online to get better faster.

Boulder, CO July 11th, 2011 – Tx Xchange and Moore Physical Therapy, a leading physical therapy practice in the Northeast United States, announced today the launch of the telehealth industry’s first subscription-based online rehabilitation service for healthcare consumers.

"Providing the highest quality of care and value to Moore’s patients are our top priorities. Tx Xchange’s telehealth software and their E-Health Service give us the ability to better achieve these goals, while launching new subscription-based revenue streams and improving patient retention.”, said Craig Wood, PT and Moore Physical Therapy President.

Health, wellness, and fitness providers use Tx Xchange’s telehealth software with their patients or clients as a supplement to traditional facility-based care. Patients login to a secure, personalized portal to message or video-chat with their providers, view personalized video-based plans or tutorials, receive reminders, track their goals and progress and stay better engaged in their own care. Because patient participation is higher, Tx Xchange case studies show patients achieve their goals faster and are more satisfied with their care. Tx Xchange gives providers the ability to deliver and charge for online health services and information online, and strengthen customer relationships by giving patients the convenient online access they want.

"We're very pleased Moore Physical Therapy has chosen to launch their innovative MooreActive rehabilitation service using Tx Xchange's E-Health Service. Healthcare leaders, such as Moore Physical Therapy, recognize that consumers want access to professionally guided health and wellness services online and meeting that demand provides an excellent opportunity to launch new revenue streams and strengthen customer relationships." said Mark Barnes, DPT and CEO of Tx Xchange.

About Tx Xchange

Tx Xchange is web-based telehealth software for health, wellness, and fitness providers and their patients or clients. With Tx Xchange’s patient portal, providers can securely message their patients between visits, deliver personalized video-based exercise plans or tutorials, provide custom health literacy information, monitor activity and progress, and dramatically improve patient participation. By employing Tx Xchange’s patient-centric telehealth software, healthcare businesses are improving outcomes, increasing new patient volume, and launching new revenue streams online. To learn more, please visit: http://www.txxchange.com

About Moore Physical Therapy

Since 1990, Moore Physical Therapy has been providing the best care and services to our clients in Fairfield County, CT. Our staff of 46 team members consists of licensed physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, nutritionists, certified and licensed strength and conditioning specialists, aides, and support personal. Moore Physical Therapy’s priority is to ensure that the health and physical well-being of every client who walks through our doors is maintained and enhanced. To learn more, please visit: http://www.moorept.com

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