The Importance of Patient / Client Goals


I was recently talking with a healthcare provider interested in Tx Xchange. Amongst other things, he said he documents all patient goals in his paper charts, but does not have his patients keep track of them to facilitate ongoing visualization. After we talked about the relationship between goal visualization and accountability, he recognized that keeping their goals in his chart and not making them available to his patients wasn't providing very much value to them.

Why did we share this story? Because if your patients or clients document their goals (short term and long term) and then check them off as they achieve them (using Tx Xchange's patient portal), the following benefits could be better achieved:
  • Helps them better focus
  • Inspire and motivate them (and improve accountability)
  • Can be used to acquire new, positive behaviors.
  • Can boost their mood by focusing on the positive
  • Helps build self-confidence
Further, providers using Tx Xchange can be notified when a patient or client completes a goal. Then, the provider can take 15 seconds and send them a message of acknowledgement or encouragement. This is a simple, fast way to stay better connected to patients and clients between visits, improve participation and increase patient retention.

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