Survey: Patients Want Online, Mobile Access to Their Health Data

Providing patients with online and mobile access to their health data can improve their satisfaction with health care organizations, according to a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute, FierceHealthcare reports (Cheung, FierceHealthcare, 7/26).

The findings are part of a nationwide PwC survey of 6,000 consumers across several industries (Parmar, MedCity News, 7/27).

When asked about the types of services they value in health care organizations:

  • 65% of surveyed consumers said they value the ability to exchange health data through online and mobile communication channels
  • 53% said they value access to wireless Internet, other entertainment and a cafeteria (FierceHealthcare, 7/26).

The report also noted that telehealth, mobile health, social media and retail clinics have led to increased consumer interest in "on-demand" health care (MedCity News, 7/27).


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